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Newbies Bare foot Transition 4


Raw Food Bare Foot Mindfulness 

It has been a very busy week or so in the realm of all things Raw and Bare foot. Sonya’s transition to a natural form movement running is going well and she shares her experiences on this weeks show.

I have been having a few technical difficulties getting the show into Itunes  for some reason, it used to be an automatic process but it seems to have gone of the rails somewhere at the time of publishing this post, so I hope you are able to listen by streaming or downloading from the website player.

The Raw Food Bare Foot Adventure weekend clinic is announced and the variations of delightful dishes to present are getting larger so I have been having to taste test many treats….such a hard life 🙂

I try not to make the information sound like raw food, or going  bare foot is the critical path to life’s success, though I totally believe nutrition based on an unprocessed plant based regime, with energetic connections to the earth and a life conducted with mindfulness training is a most wonderful platform to life from.



Newbies Barefoot Transition Part Two

This is another audio journal entry of the transition of Sonya from a shod marathon runner to an all terrain bare foot natural form athlete. We talk a little about food, feelings and focus as we share the journey.



The journey into barefoot running is is easy and is complex as you want to make it.
This corresponding series of the podcast is all about the journey that Sonya is going through and the audio journal of her introduction to barefoot running.

Newbies Barefoot Transition Part Two


We are going to expand a little on the content if you have any questions please leave them in the comments area and if you have a couple of minutes to spare….. please head over to the Facebook page and start a conversation there.

Do you like the short format or do we make it longer to cover more stuff.