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Raw Food Barefoot Symphony


The Raw Food Barefoot Symphony 

We are a carbon lifeform with an energetic component that is as finely tuned to our environment as is a individual instrument in an orchestra.

Raw Food Barefoot Symphony


This week we have our

Race Reports and training

We discuss how we have started the training regime into first peak, for our competitive running season

Ingredient of the week

Sonya tells us how evil oats are

What’s new what’s happening

Decisions on new purchases IE blenders, somebody blew ours up……….again.

Ongoing work editing the release of videos and PDF’s from the  weekend’s Raw Food Barefoot adventure content

Topic of the week

I wanted to say a few things relating about the last weeks topic of being the expert

It is always you find yourself in  a quandary when you find yourself researching a topic and you get opposite poles of points of view.

Each one claiming their correctness and viability of argument, and you have to find the element of “truth” to stand with.

It is not my intention here to tell you that we have the answers and everything we say is true and correct.

What I hope I can say is

“yeah I looked at that, and of the answers that I found this one worked for me “

It is far too easy to use an urban myth or a “truth” that has been around so long that it’s become a truth just by the fact it gets repeated so often.

What started me on this topic was conversation on alkaline foods for PH balance of your blood.

Foods don’t influence our blood pH as a singular element

There are certainly circumstances in which the blood is more acidic than it should be, and this does have serious health consequences.

However, you more likely find this state of acidosis is caused by pathological conditions such as chronic renal insufficiency.

I have seen enough information to feel pretty confident that your blood pH is hovering around a comfortable 7.4. by more inputs than whether you choose to eat a salad or a burger at a meal.

I am not a medical person and I do not diagnose anything or claim to have any great insight

What I do recognize is when information is being slanted to fit some message that the dispenser is trying to coerce you to believe, even if it may be with the best of intentions.

This Balance i see distorted with enzyme theory, the 100% rules, cooked food = death rants.

We are complex pieces of art put together in an organic compound with an energetic component that is as finely tuned to our environment as is a individual instrument in an orchestra.

Trying to explain it with an energetic structure that may make sense, I use the analogy of an orchestra playing a Symphony  together

If the third violin goes out most likely the player sitting next to him is going to pick up on it quickly and will subtly compensate,  reacting in some manner, but tuba player at the back is not going to know about it.

The compounding effect of the one instrument left untuned will eventually impact the tuba and the rest of the orchestra.

It would end up being an unholy racket of disharmonious waves of the energy/ vibration as one player tried to compensate with the other while still trying to play music creating an experience very different to a harmonious symphony sound.

This where balance and sensitivity come into play the more of your decisions that are made from a consciousness and sensitivity of the totality of what makes up life, the easier it is to find the balance needed to tune in to the symphony of your life as a beautiful sound.

Learn to play your own Raw Food Barefoot Symphony

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