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Local Food Systems food security in a Cooling climate

Local Food Systems food security in a cooling climate

I am observing in my area of the world that this is the coldest snap we had for a long time which goes against the much-publicised warming trend.

If you take time to follow other independent reports you can quickly see enough data backed reports indicating that the conversation of climate change due to human interaction does not live up to the rhetoric when compared to actual scientific data.

The impact this going to have on local food systems and food security is the ability for a community to have local food sources that are not dependent on central distribution agencies becoming crucial when there is a massive and continued interruption in commercial quantities of food stocks and the distribution chain.

Instead of blindly relying on a commercial and convenient source of produce, by supporting local growers or better still ….. growing your own food …… it enables you to have a local food system with as much chance of food security as you possibly can provide for with your role in making choices that protect your self-sovereignty and your choice of lifestyle.

Using organic and sustainable agricultural practices, a local food system can provide real food security to an area.
Sustainability of a local food system is always a preferred option than choosing convenience and cheap as a buying decision.

The ability of a local food system to have a viable and sustainable role is to encourage local growers by supporting them in whatever way you can.

The discussions about climate change and food security can be had in the context of not only local organic farms near me but local sustainable farms, local climate change and local food security.

This allows individual ideas without needing to buy into what could be seen as an agenda to fashion dialogues that are biased to actions that have an end result of control and inhibit the ability of an individual to exert there own self -sovereignty and lifestyle choices.

Conditions will always change it is just the nature of climate and all the influences that act on it to dictate the way it performs and natural cycles are by far the more powerful influences.

Part of the conversation about sustainability is your personal preparedness for these changes. It’s not in the consumer’s interests to be worried about self-sovereignty and sustainability when the marketing message is all about convenience cheap, time payments, and keeping up with the Joneses.

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Vegan Lifestyle Benefit

The Free Radicals

When you are considering changing lifestyle, whether it be through conscious choice or an illness.

Which unfortunately many people especially as they get to that 40-year-old age mark generally come to the realisation that they have to do something to preserve their health.

It’s easy to believe that you bullet-proof three your teens and 20s, or 330s as you approach your 40s you’re too busy with career family juggling life to really noticed the decline in your health and well-being.

It’s when you come to the realisation that until your health is taken care of all those things that you were trying to build and create mean little, and cannot be enjoyed.

The trap then is to make a lifestyle change with big leaps into many alterations that will cause you to abandon it with the tag that it’s too difficult.

Our admonishment in this post and video is as you progress do so slowly and confidently small steps, good habits and consistency will win the day

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Wim Hoff and Patrick Mckeown sports performance breathwork

Wim Hoff and Patrick Mckeown sports performance simulate high altitude training, breathwork

The Wim Hof method is popular for its connection to engaging the body at a parasympathetic level with the breathing techniques.

Patrick Mckeown speaks to simulating the High altitude training decreased oxygen adaption.

I have been using both and adapting the best principles for sports performance as a barefoot runner. Using exercises based on the iceman pushups and the breathing exercises from the oxygen advantage program.

I am using an ascending set based on starting with an easy set after full the wim hof method breathing technique,then running 15 steps on no breath, stop take 5 breaths based on the nasal breathing technique, from the patrick mckeown the oxygen advantage. Repeating the 5 breath work, hold the 6th breath then run 2 other reps increasing each rep to 25 then 35 steps.

I then repeat this 3 times with same breathing exercise but increasing steps. I put this in as part of a longer run and jog out until I am recovered.

Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream


Chocolate Dairy Free Ice cream

If you are aware of the dairy industry lies you will be avoiding milk based products for many reasons. The least being the fact that intolerance to the milk product itself can cause a lot of problems for many people.

This recipe is so simple and will give you a treat experience that is far better than killing yourself eating dairy fats and calling it a treat.

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Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream