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Mindfulness and Equanimity


Mindfulness and Equanimity


During mindfulness meditation we observe everything that passes before our attention, yet not get caught up in our thoughts – instead,  staying aware of what is going on in the present moment,


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Mindfulness and Equanimity

Acknowledge  your thoughts and then just let them pass by.

The breath is used as an anchor to the present moment, but, apart from that, no attempt is made to direct the attention.Mindfulness, oak

Equanimity is a fundamental skill for self-exploration and emotional intelligence. Mindfulness has no dogmas nor commandments. Mindfulness is about exploring reality and how to relate to it in a harmonious manner ie minimizing suffering and maximizing deep long-term Equanimity

It is a deep and subtle concept frequently misunderstood and easily confused with suppression of feeling, apathy or inexpressiveness.   Equanimity comes from the Latin word aequus meaning balanced, and animus meaning spirit or internal state.

How to Develop Equanimity

Developing equanimity involves the following aspects: Intentionally creating equanimity in your body attempting to maintain a continuous relaxed state over your whole body as sensations (pleasant, unpleasant, strong, subtle, physical, emotional) wash through.

Creating equanimity in your mind in each moment to be present inviting ourselves to interface with this moment in full awareness with the intention to embody as best we can an orientation of calmness mindfulness and equanimity right here and right now.…

This means attempting to let go of negative judgments about what you are experiencing and replacing them with an attitude of loving acceptance and gentle matter-of-factness

By noticing when you drop into states of equanimity and by exploring the state, you are training your subconscious to produce the state more frequently when feelings are experienced with equanimity, they assure their proper function as

Correct motivators and directors of behavior as opposed to distorting behavior.

Equanimity plays a critical role in changing negative behaviors Equanimity frees up internal energy for responding to external situations.

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Mindfulness, Meditation, and Behavior


Mindfulness Meditation and Behavior

Topics of podcast today timestamps @ 6.00 Ingredient of the week 14.50 direction of content 15.00 Raw food Mythology 16.00 Kayak trip what’s on what’s new 18.00 Raw food Barefoot adventure meetup 20.00 Sonya discusses recipes 21.00 play with your food 22.30 Mindfulness and habits

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Ingredient of the week

Dates their important role in raw food nutrition and recipes.

Dates A quick powerhouse packed in a tiny portable the date is full of dietary fibre it works well as a bulk laxative Dates help and protect the colon mucus membrane as well as binding to cancer causing chemicals in the colon.

Due to their easy digestibility they are a quick source of energy making them excellent for athletes. Dates are alkaline and help in neutralizing acidity.

Used in un-cooking it has many applications as a sweetener and a binding agent to hold ingredients together. Because dates are full of soluble and insoluble fiber they are able to fill you up and keep you regular, ideal as a snack.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Behavior

A number of studies have demonstrated that systematic mindfulness training, as well as brief meditation practices in novices, can influence areas of the brain involved in regulating attention, awareness, and emotion

Another key element of mindfulness is the cultivation of equanimity, or non-reactivity.

Specifically, mindfulness meditation teaches one to pay attention to and acknowledge both one’s inner experience and the outer world, without necessarily reacting.

The ability to simply observe and accurately sense thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations – without having to change them, or act on them – can be instrumental in breaking habitual behavior patterns that can harm one’s health, such as smoking a cigarette when feeling stressed, eating comfort food when feeling sad or “empty”, or turning to alcohol or other substances to “numb out” when feeling overwhelmed. One key element of mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to the present moment, on purpose (Kabat-Zinn, 2003).

Clinical studies have found 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation training (MBSR) gave an increased ability to orient one’s attention to the present moment.

Other clinical studies found that 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation training significantly reduced ruminative thinking in persons with a history of depression (Ramel et al., 2004).

Together, these studies indicate that mindfulness appears to involve reshaping ways of thinking that engender improved emotional well-being.

Mindfulness scale development research has found that people with higher natural levels of mindfulness – irrespective of formal meditation training – report feeling less stressed, anxious and depressed, and more joyful, inspired, grateful, hopeful, content, vital, and satisfied with life

Research further suggests that people with higher levels of mindfulness are better able to regulate their sense of well-being by virtue of greater emotional awareness, understanding, acceptance, and the ability to correct or repair unpleasant mood states

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), or MiCBT

Overall, it appears that focused, concentrative meditation practices can increase one’s ability to maintain steady attention on a chosen object, like the breath or another person, whereas open awareness meditation practices can increase one’s ability to flexibly monitor and redirect attention when it becomes distracted (Lutz et al., 2008a).

Based on these findings, not only is it possible to train the mind to change the brain, but, in fact, one’s ability to do so may get stronger as one gains meditation experience.

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Organics or Natural


Organics or Natural

Our training and race reviews are a bit thin as we have not been very active at races of late, though Sonya gives her review of the version of Unshoe racing flats she is using now.

Ingredient of the week this week is Cashews a very versatile nut with lots of uses in the kitchen.

The topic we discuss this week is The distinction between Organics and natural.

The organics or Natural landscape can be a confusing place to understand.

With the vast number of symbols, certifications and labels it can be difficult to understand.

How do we as consumers really understand the similarities and differences between organics or Natural

What are the differences

Is there Similar qualities? how do you think about organics or Natural, as a consumer it will depend on the different levels of knowledge regarding organics or Natural .

The buying decision will be driven by different consumption patterns and should be made on factors ranging from price and comparability to authenticity and any environmental impact.

With a minimal involvement in the world of organics the distinctions between organics or natural can make the buying decision difficult and that is what part of the message here is about It does not have to be difficult to have a healthy lifestyle.

The most common confusion is the origin versus attributes, related to production and processing.

“Organic” is seen at to be what happens to food at origin (e.g., the farm, the plant, the animal), while“natural” can be described as to what happens (or doesn’t)in terms of production and processing after the farm gate.

Generally the use the term “organic” can relate to farming practices the simplest form organic means “grown without pesticides.”

Absence of pesticides, is the one large distinction, organic can also mean a variety of other things.

Raw food lifestyle

Organic is also understood to indicate an absence of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics as well as genetically modified foods.This is all connected with the growing process and are applied to whole foods (e.g., fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, etc.). These properties are strongly associated to mean organic than as to natural.

When you are looking to an ideal of natural that would mean that the food and beverages you buy are healthy, whole, real, and minimally processed.The term ” natural” can be understood to be what happens to the food after it is grown, by referring to the introduction or absence of processing steps.

The perception is “No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives” has more to do with natural than with organic distinction.

This again is the perception about the term natural being connected to production and processing.

While you can associate “natural” with an ideal of minimal processing, it does not mean that the word “natural” ensures that foods and beverages live up to the definition you may seek.

Natural means wanting less processed,natural products to be healthy. unfortunately there are many products out there labeled natural that are clearly not a healthy choice.

All products labeled natural,that are high in fat, sugar and/or sodium should be understood as being unnatural, regardless of the words on the package.

A Healthy choice should be a product with a short, recognizable ingredient list with nothing artificial, no preservatives, additives or fillers.

The closer you can get to having your food nutrition come from a place that has minimal additives and maximal impact for sustainable agriculture the better off we all will be.

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New Year resolutions, who’s driving the bus


New Year resolutions, who’s driving the bus

 Hey Crew sorry to keep you waiting on the next episode, problems I have been having with the site, really hit the fan last week  causing all sorts of problems and another learning curve for me.

I had to deal with the technical side of getting a website and podcast to play nicely, after a piece of malicious code got its way into the internals and corrupted everything……sigh… what a way to launch into a New Year.

Though it does tie in with the idea of the topic  New Year resolutions, who’s driving the bus.

When setting our athletic goals for the year or just setting an expectation to have a lifestyle change this year, it pays to bring to mind what are the drivers behind our motivations and desires.

This episode I encourage a mindfulness about what is your measuring stick and motivator, is it coming from a good place.

Irrespective of the result that you are looking for, may have noble result behind it; what is the internal source of motivation you will be calling on to actualize the goal .

Is the goal set only with the sense of accomplishment at the outcome, or is the resolution to enjoy the journey as well. What  are the drivers behind your expectations and planning, where is your real happiness on your journey and your arrival.

We have a minimalist shoe review of  the Unshoe

A round up of the training and race reviews.

The ingredient of the week  is Coconut milk, and Sonya has her say about keeping the budget in a Raw food kitchen

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Mindfulness Matters and Floating Breasts

In the podcast today discussion about Mindfulness matters, Floating breasts, Race reviews and results and a rushed new segment Ingredient of the week Caccoa ——- ka-cow
Mindfulness matters…the need to observe a state of mindfulness is not only one of a meditation guru stance sitting cross legged in a ashram but the every day observance of of our thoughts and decision making.
It has been said of the thousands of thoughts we have each day the vast majority of them are the same thoughts just going around an around
often dwelling in the past or the future, obsessing about mistakes we might have made, battling guilt, planning ahead or worrying.
You find yourself drifting into fantasy, fiction and negativity.
Your mindset set by your thoughts governs your actions, which lead to your results in life.
A mindset that limits your potential, will likely lead you to accept limited results in many aspects of your life.
An interesting observation to me is that the whole ” we have up to 60,000 thoughts a day ” idea is a great example of mindfulness matters.
Where does the research come from to back up the claim.
If you are interested in such matters you would have read the many references to this ” fact ” and it would have become part of your way of viewing information and initiating your responses toward the idea.
You are influenced by many and varied things….from societal precepts
Such as
” put some shoes on……. you can’t go out like that “
” Act your age “
” do the right thing “
Including how act around events such as the Christmas festivities we are experiencing now. I am not on a scrouge rant about….bah humbug… Christmas though I do not buy in to what the majority’s concept of Christmas festivities are.
non dairy mousse
This is a minefield of emotional responses and ethical issues.
Those of us who have chosen to live with the practice of only consuming a plant-based diet you will be thrown up against the gluttony of feasting on meats of all description and generally consuming far more than is necessary.
On a personal note I do not make an issue of animal rights as applied to slaughter-house practises, or take a judgmental stance against an animal flesh consumer.
Though with the combination of consumer purchaser gluttony, it becomes an energetic field that is of sadness frequency to me.
Again no judgment just a mindful action to not participate in the energetic field that is passed off as a time of sharing, giving and celebration of peace and goodwill.
For me the wonderful concept of being mindful and living with a state of mindful response is to be able to understand and be okay with the way other people will be responding to the same event in my timeline.
Their choices are based on their thoughts, it is not something I can control I have no responsibility for their actions.
I often quote something I heard from Byron Katie
“There is 3 types of business your business, someone else’s business, and gods business”
How I interpret that is, of things you worry about or obsess over the result, you are better off understanding that someone else’s business is just that “Theirs “
Whereas you may be able to have influence or some input, they are going to deal with it as their thousands of thoughts a day reactions and their own mindfulness or absence of will allow them to.
Gods business is just that, however you perceive “God ” the unknown unseen hand of human existence goes about Gods business with the mathematical precision that has probability, impossibility, and immutability, all wound up in the inevitability that you are going to receive what ever is in store for you.
So that just leaves you with only one thing to concern yourself with, and that is your business.
You deserve and are required to make your business the first and foremost of your thoughts and actions, from there you become the most effective and contented form of you, that you can be.
To understand the REM lifestyle design energy interplay with nutrition, movement and mindfulness puts you in a wonderful place to claim your peace on earth and goodwill to all men


Testosterone, Breast Cancer, and Slippery Suckers


Testosterone, Breast Cancer, and Slippery Suckers 

On my journey  I have read many things, experienced many trials and have been at time at a loss at times to make my life work like it’s “supposed” to.

That’s why subjects like Testosterone, Breast Cancer and slippery suckers are part of the podcast today

It would perplex me as to why some things work in peoples lives and other people suffer great train wrecks.

 I would see magnificently trained athletes consuming enough alcohol to poison a small town, successful business people contemplating suicide all the while outward trappings of success glitter around them.

There is no one answer to what is the best way to find equanimity in your life, we are all individual in our make up and experiences.

When the realization hits you that change has to happen; how ever it comes upon you. What is the chance for you to find the mindful state of equanimity I will point you toward, if you continue to live out of your old you.

Operating with the REM Lifestyle design gives you a stable platform to work from no matter what point you are at in your life. If things are going good they can get better. If its all going to shit, it will be a bumpy ride ; but I have been at some low points in my own life.

I know by understanding the combination of the REM lifestyle and living it, you are better equipped to thrive gaining mastery over whatever your challenge is.

This is why I am passionate enough, to tell any one who resonates with any desire to recognize change is needed, you are what you eat, if you are not moving your dying, and by way of your thoughts, goes the way of your life.

REM Lifestyle Design

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REM Lifestyle Design

Rem lifestyle design


Rawfood Barefoot Icon

Throughout the life of all of us, there are many challenges.

As you grew, so did your responsibilities; you are not the same… you… as when you breeched into this world.

So what is so very different now, from the you first starting out.

There would be a strong possibility that the way in which you interpret the thoughts that are part of the present who that you are, and how you manifest those thoughts into the world have taken many a twist and turn.

Presenting the who you are, and what you want from this life takes courage.

Courage that is sorely tested, often unavailable, yet there, hidden, laying dormant. Waiting for the pivotal moment when change is no longer  something that has an horizon you view toward, but pressing, now, urgent, inescapable.

Many times the damage is done before the teens, harsh words and consequences of actions by others, who are acting out their own thoughts that have been imprinted on their own neural framework.

These thoughts are not controlled or understood, echoing the voices they themselves were subject to.

Never before in the history of man do we have such an opportunity to explore for ourselves what is presented as the truth.  We do not have to hold true thoughts dispensed through others as they speak their truth as they see it.

The challenge put out to you, is to make decisions based on mindfulness of your actions in your life as you know it.

It then becomes the challenge as to what reminders of this internal thought process you to listen to.

At this point there are many twists and turns that could be taken in the process of exercising control of your thoughts/life.

The knowledge of your actions/ thoughts being totally in your control is something that eventually becomes part of your psyche and second nature if all three things of the Rem lifestyle design are brought together.

The basic intention for the observance of the Rem lifestyle design is to understand three basic tenets of a necessary balance enabling you to form a stable platform to live  from.

This enables you to cultivate equanimity in your life, enhancing the quality from whatever is your present moment reality.

Barefoot Raw Minimalist Lifestyle


Barefoot Raw Minimalist Lifestyle

Today my Co- host and I get back in the chairs to chat more about  our Barefoot Raw Minimalist Lifestyle, a topic that keeps coming up for us lately is the question ” How do you run without support ” we chat on the subject giving you our perspective.

The science tells you, muscle, ligament components of the body atrophy if not used, the foot is a wonder of  bio engineering that deserve more attention than being strapped into shoes that are touted to fix us as the broken runners, the marketing messages spruke to us.

The Barefoot Raw Minimalist Lifestyle, is asking you to examine what you are accepting as truth from the system as it applies to your life.

I often state going barefoot is not only about what you take off, there is the shift to an awareness that you can put on, opening up your life to possibilities and ways to examine issues or circumstances in your life that you  may not have had an insight into.

With the awareness of the components of the REM Lifestyle design you are able to apply yourself to the present moment of your life, sustainable nutritional choices, mindfulness and exercise will lift you to an energetic relationship with yourself and the world around you.

The result is the state of equanimity that is the gift of the union of physical senses and spiritual harmony.




As always let us know how you are doing and any Questions you have about Barefoot Raw Minimalist Lifestyle

Bare Foot Transition and Best Food Prices


Bare Foot Transition and Best Food Prices

Today Myself and Sonya my Co-host have a chat about Bare Foot Transition and Best Food Prices. Sonya has been transitioning over the past few weeks and has been logging up the K’s and shares how she is going.

We also tackle some of the cost benefits and basic fundamentals that are in a Raw Food lifestyle.

When you are looking at a sustainable lifestyle based on plant based nutrition best food prices are always a consideration. If organic is to expensive or hard to get, fresh local and seasonal produce are what you want to look for.

Food miles Or Kilometers is a good metric to work with when making sustainable buying decisions, the closer it is to your home the better it is as an environmentally sound choice.

Our tweaking and testing of the Raw Food treats we are going to be having at our Raw Food BareFoot Adventure in February is in full swing


Raw food tart

Park Run Bare Foot Transition Part 5


Bare Foot Transition


The Kawana park run is the background for this next podcast journalling entry of Sonya’s bare foot transition story.

The up sell of a life change is always found not in the most immediate of the effects but in the longer term ongoing position that the change will gravitate you towards.

Speaking of the transition from depending on running shoes to get you into the mode of being a bare foot runner or an active participant of life , where as in reality you have all the appendages you need is just a tip of the iceberg of preconceived and at times carefully manufactured belief structures.

You just need the permission by way of a societal mindset to be an athlete …a runner,, a marathoner.. take your pick, but with the statement that you are going to get off the couch of doom and perform the act of running, you are not found to be serious or prepared unless you have the latest and greatest foot fetish sport apparel on.

So is there many a scenario that he barrier to change is the need for a permission based accoutrement or permission slip from the relevant authority to feel good about any change you want to bring about in your life.

The more resistance to the concept because it not the done thing is a fairly good indicator the translation is……. there is no money in it that’s why you don’t get to hear of the health or positive lifestyle changes that can be gained from the activity ..

Not that I am say there is a conspiratorial theory attached to every marketing message or elaborate ruse that gets passed of as authoritative  information on the subject… bless the internet if you are connected to the goggle you can be an authority on just about any  subject.

The difficulty is avoiding all the marketing messages that go along with the deep pockets of the companies that are using you as the cash cow in a consumerist society wending it way to the bottom of the evolutionary scale with the Zombie breed now running neck and neck with the obese and chronically ill denizens that feed from the umbilical cord of debt based consumer spending and assisted life experiences though TV reality and filtered news.

The good news is you can choose to take your shoes off, go for a run, with the knowledge you are physically capable of preforming the act with out needing to strap on to your feet what is going to end up as a piece of  toxic land fill.

This mindful conciousness is what you need to bring to your life each and every day, each action and belief that you operate with needs to be examined once in awhile and see if it stands the test of if it is a worthwhile pursuit.

The more your life gets full of busy, the less full your life gets of the real connection to the earth and the more you live the story of busy.

Raw food nutrition, energetic practices with mindfulness, form the REM life style design, a simple three part  platform to live a balanced life from. I hope you can spend sometime to ask a question or examine your lifestyle and see into what built in responses and prepared truths are served to you.

Challenge the ones that take you away from living with enthusiasm for this time we have here together on this earth.