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Durianrider is an Ex shoe salesman


Right from the outset I want to point out their I have a great deal of respect for Harley  or his alter ego Durianrider and do not deride anything he says or what he stands for.

Just some of the things that he bangs on about in regards to the Barefoot Running issue that annoys me and I’ll just take the opportunity to say what I think is any good podcaster would.


Bare Foot running

The more the darker side of what I continue to stress in regards to my advocacy of understanding minimalist or barefoot running is the whole industry behind manufacturing sports footwear.

It is based on marketing lies and continues to take advantage of those less fortunate and vulnerable to corporate greed.

It is not fair to just target one particular company but when ever overseas manufacturing is taken on board by corporations it generally means that the target is less manufacturing costs. Now this in any industry is quite acceptable profit, is the name of the game, but not at the expense of the workers involved.

The continuing plight of underpaid and exploited workers in overseas factories for sports footwear and the like is unacceptable and I find totally deplorable.

Even as a sustainable and conscientious decision for the health and betterment of the planet we do not need to fill up rubbish tips with unnecessary” worn-out sneakers”

getting the most out of  a running shoe


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So have a great run, what ever your choice is sans shoes or sweatshop production your choice 🙂

Barefoot running and Vegan Leather


The Ethical questions and practical considerations of being a vegan runner

I experimented with some audio on the run I do apologize there is a bit of wind noise and clicking sounds I could not get rid of. I have been very determined to get on top of all the challenges that learning how to get a Podcast up and running throws at you. It is not only the technical side of it but also the time commitment and dare I say Planning,that goes into getting an episode out.

I have listen to heaps of other peoples shows and never thought on the mechanics of putting something together that is presentable as a finished product. I have done audio and video on my blog watzzupsport for years  which I have now retired. but it is another kettle of fish as they say to get a work flow around a weekly or biweekly show.

When I get more comfortable with the audio and other consideration I will be able to concentrate on the content. I speak in this episode about the ethical issues I found myself dealing with as a vegan and using animal hides and ointments of an animal source.

Barefoot Ted Born to Run


A Barefoot runner is seen to be an oddity amongst a sea of motion controlled expensive footwear. The reality is that we were born to run and to run without the technology to stop us from “injuring” ourselves. The need for shoes in a work place environment has obviously to be taken into consideration, but the need to strap our feet into the latest footwear from the Nike sweatshop factory to be able to go out for a run is very far from the truth.

I have used an interview with a pioneer of the barefoot lifestyle Barefoot ted from the

Advendure Edge Radio Podcast

as he talks about the book BORN TO RUN by Christopher McDougall.  It is a good read and sets out to show how we evolved to be efficient long distance runners.

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