Datorade and Barefoot Nutrition

Racing views and training New course PB  at Sandgate park run Jeff Galloway method of wall run walk implemented, 10 K +  21 K distances done. Difficulty with getting nutrition dialed in, Ingredient the week Sesame seed. And how pleasant it is to research information of what we would believe is a truth about plant nutrition. Sonya’s Quote of the week
“Everything in your life is a reflection of the choice you have made if you want a different result make the different choice destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice it is not the things we waited for it is a thing to be achieved.”
What’s on what’s happening Topic of the week Everybody has their story Indeed Campbell’s heroes journey and even Voglers story structure Has all the elements laid out that you see unfold in a person’s journey or maybe the idealized version of the one Hollywood likes to portray. It starts in the ordinary world and then the call to adventure The tests, the allies and enemies the heroes character highlighted and developed, approaching the innermost cave is to face death and still go on. The crisis, the hero faces their deepest desires Then seizing the reward from the feet of the enemy The heroes now transformed to the road back, somehow after all was thought being put to rest the story has one trick left… the last challenge Finally the hero returns home with the elixir with full acclaim all tensions are resolved and all unanswered questions answered. While that’s Hollywood’s version…… what’s  working out in your life ? We don’t know where the final result lies, just as we don’t know where all the dragon lairs are Dragons lair, Lair-flying-dragon-1207 What is important is having the resilience to go through these things and to keep going forward with positive intent. Our lives can be shared with a gratitude, and viewed with an appreciation of our individual part in this game called life that we all are involved in and play. Mindfulness, Energetics and Raw food nutrition are as much a part of every story as is the other individual components. The difference is you get more control over them then you do over your battles with other influences in your life  

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