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Barefoot running and Vegan Leather


The Ethical questions and practical considerations of being a vegan runner

I experimented with some audio on the run I do apologize there is a bit of wind noise and clicking sounds I could not get rid of. I have been very determined to get on top of all the challenges that learning how to get a Podcast up and running throws at you. It is not only the technical side of it but also the time commitment and dare I say Planning,that goes into getting an episode out.

I have listen to heaps of other peoples shows and never thought on the mechanics of putting something together that is presentable as a finished product. I have done audio and video on my blog watzzupsport for years  which I have now retired. but it is another kettle of fish as they say to get a work flow around a weekly or biweekly show.

When I get more comfortable with the audio and other consideration I will be able to concentrate on the content. I speak in this episode about the ethical issues I found myself dealing with as a vegan and using animal hides and ointments of an animal source.