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New Year resolutions, who’s driving the bus


New Year resolutions, who’s driving the bus

 Hey Crew sorry to keep you waiting on the next episode, problems I have been having with the site, really hit the fan last week  causing all sorts of problems and another learning curve for me.

I had to deal with the technical side of getting a website and podcast to play nicely, after a piece of malicious code got its way into the internals and corrupted everything……sigh… what a way to launch into a New Year.

Though it does tie in with the idea of the topic  New Year resolutions, who’s driving the bus.

When setting our athletic goals for the year or just setting an expectation to have a lifestyle change this year, it pays to bring to mind what are the drivers behind our motivations and desires.

This episode I encourage a mindfulness about what is your measuring stick and motivator, is it coming from a good place.

Irrespective of the result that you are looking for, may have noble result behind it; what is the internal source of motivation you will be calling on to actualize the goal .

Is the goal set only with the sense of accomplishment at the outcome, or is the resolution to enjoy the journey as well. What  are the drivers behind your expectations and planning, where is your real happiness on your journey and your arrival.

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