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Mindfulness Matters and Floating Breasts

In the podcast today discussion about Mindfulness matters, Floating breasts, Race reviews and results and a rushed new segment Ingredient of the week Caccoa ——- ka-cow
Mindfulness matters…the need to observe a state of mindfulness is not only one of a meditation guru stance sitting cross legged in a ashram but the every day observance of of our thoughts and decision making.
It has been said of the thousands of thoughts we have each day the vast majority of them are the same thoughts just going around an around
often dwelling in the past or the future, obsessing about mistakes we might have made, battling guilt, planning ahead or worrying.
You find yourself drifting into fantasy, fiction and negativity.
Your mindset set by your thoughts governs your actions, which lead to your results in life.
A mindset that limits your potential, will likely lead you to accept limited results in many aspects of your life.
An interesting observation to me is that the whole ” we have up to 60,000 thoughts a day ” idea is a great example of mindfulness matters.
Where does the research come from to back up the claim.
If you are interested in such matters you would have read the many references to this ” fact ” and it would have become part of your way of viewing information and initiating your responses toward the idea.
You are influenced by many and varied things….from societal precepts
Such as
” put some shoes on……. you can’t go out like that “
” Act your age “
” do the right thing “
Including how act around events such as the Christmas festivities we are experiencing now. I am not on a scrouge rant about….bah humbug… Christmas though I do not buy in to what the majority’s concept of Christmas festivities are.
non dairy mousse
This is a minefield of emotional responses and ethical issues.
Those of us who have chosen to live with the practice of only consuming a plant-based diet you will be thrown up against the gluttony of feasting on meats of all description and generally consuming far more than is necessary.
On a personal note I do not make an issue of animal rights as applied to slaughter-house practises, or take a judgmental stance against an animal flesh consumer.
Though with the combination of consumer purchaser gluttony, it becomes an energetic field that is of sadness frequency to me.
Again no judgment just a mindful action to not participate in the energetic field that is passed off as a time of sharing, giving and celebration of peace and goodwill.
For me the wonderful concept of being mindful and living with a state of mindful response is to be able to understand and be okay with the way other people will be responding to the same event in my timeline.
Their choices are based on their thoughts, it is not something I can control I have no responsibility for their actions.
I often quote something I heard from Byron Katie
“There is 3 types of business your business, someone else’s business, and gods business”
How I interpret that is, of things you worry about or obsess over the result, you are better off understanding that someone else’s business is just that “Theirs “
Whereas you may be able to have influence or some input, they are going to deal with it as their thousands of thoughts a day reactions and their own mindfulness or absence of will allow them to.
Gods business is just that, however you perceive “God ” the unknown unseen hand of human existence goes about Gods business with the mathematical precision that has probability, impossibility, and immutability, all wound up in the inevitability that you are going to receive what ever is in store for you.
So that just leaves you with only one thing to concern yourself with, and that is your business.
You deserve and are required to make your business the first and foremost of your thoughts and actions, from there you become the most effective and contented form of you, that you can be.
To understand the REM lifestyle design energy interplay with nutrition, movement and mindfulness puts you in a wonderful place to claim your peace on earth and goodwill to all men