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Testosterone, Breast Cancer, and Slippery Suckers


Testosterone, Breast Cancer, and Slippery Suckers 

On my journey  I have read many things, experienced many trials and have been at time at a loss at times to make my life work like it’s “supposed” to.

That’s why subjects like Testosterone, Breast Cancer and slippery suckers are part of the podcast today

It would perplex me as to why some things work in peoples lives and other people suffer great train wrecks.

 I would see magnificently trained athletes consuming enough alcohol to poison a small town, successful business people contemplating suicide all the while outward trappings of success glitter around them.

There is no one answer to what is the best way to find equanimity in your life, we are all individual in our make up and experiences.

When the realization hits you that change has to happen; how ever it comes upon you. What is the chance for you to find the mindful state of equanimity I will point you toward, if you continue to live out of your old you.

Operating with the REM Lifestyle design gives you a stable platform to work from no matter what point you are at in your life. If things are going good they can get better. If its all going to shit, it will be a bumpy ride ; but I have been at some low points in my own life.

I know by understanding the combination of the REM lifestyle and living it, you are better equipped to thrive gaining mastery over whatever your challenge is.

This is why I am passionate enough, to tell any one who resonates with any desire to recognize change is needed, you are what you eat, if you are not moving your dying, and by way of your thoughts, goes the way of your life.

REM Lifestyle Design

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