Park Run Bare Foot Transition Part 5


Bare Foot Transition


The Kawana park run is the background for this next podcast journalling entry of Sonya’s bare foot transition story.

The up sell of a life change is always found not in the most immediate of the effects but in the longer term ongoing position that the change will gravitate you towards.

Speaking of the transition from depending on running shoes to get you into the mode of being a bare foot runner or an active participant of life , where as in reality you have all the appendages you need is just a tip of the iceberg of preconceived and at times carefully manufactured belief structures.

You just need the permission by way of a societal mindset to be an athlete …a runner,, a marathoner.. take your pick, but with the statement that you are going to get off the couch of doom and perform the act of running, you are not found to be serious or prepared unless you have the latest and greatest foot fetish sport apparel on.

So is there many a scenario that he barrier to change is the need for a permission based accoutrement or permission slip from the relevant authority to feel good about any change you want to bring about in your life.

The more resistance to the concept because it not the done thing is a fairly good indicator the translation is……. there is no money in it that’s why you don’t get to hear of the health or positive lifestyle changes that can be gained from the activity ..

Not that I am say there is a conspiratorial theory attached to every marketing message or elaborate ruse that gets passed of as authoritative  information on the subject… bless the internet if you are connected to the goggle you can be an authority on just about any  subject.

The difficulty is avoiding all the marketing messages that go along with the deep pockets of the companies that are using you as the cash cow in a consumerist society wending it way to the bottom of the evolutionary scale with the Zombie breed now running neck and neck with the obese and chronically ill denizens that feed from the umbilical cord of debt based consumer spending and assisted life experiences though TV reality and filtered news.

The good news is you can choose to take your shoes off, go for a run, with the knowledge you are physically capable of preforming the act with out needing to strap on to your feet what is going to end up as a piece of  toxic land fill.

This mindful conciousness is what you need to bring to your life each and every day, each action and belief that you operate with needs to be examined once in awhile and see if it stands the test of if it is a worthwhile pursuit.

The more your life gets full of busy, the less full your life gets of the real connection to the earth and the more you live the story of busy.

Raw food nutrition, energetic practices with mindfulness, form the REM life style design, a simple three part  platform to live a balanced life from. I hope you can spend sometime to ask a question or examine your lifestyle and see into what built in responses and prepared truths are served to you.

Challenge the ones that take you away from living with enthusiasm for this time we have here together on this earth.