Why Do You Want To Run

Having the ability to run injury free is a blessing I am most grateful about, after a challenging couple of years I finally got through a xcountry series that I have hd to abandon many times because of injury woes.


After the disappointment of my running gear failing on me I am going to look around for other minimalist footwear options.

Another quick rant and ramble about Unshoes and the 100% raw philosophy that has the fear factor working overtime that if you look at a cooked food meal it will kill you.

Understanding the need for fresh local based and unprocessed foods should be the basis of a balanced healthy diet, there is a lot of variables on the pathway to health and an individuals personal journey.

Had gear failure today as my running sandals blew out, bit of a shame and inconvenience but hey..shit happens .

The blessing of applied mindfulness is the ability let things be just what they are and move on without engaging.

Why Do You Want To Run