How To Transition To Bare Foot Running

This is all about Getting to know that you have the possibility to run without shoes……to be able to strengthen your feet and to get out the door at any time without having hundred dollars worth of shoes strapped to your feet.
Understanding the basics of barefoot running is to get to understand and know you feet….very simple….but most people have been neglecting their feet for such a long time.

Understanding how your feet, the Ligaments, the tendons are elements of getting a technical barefoot running to come together.

During this process you learn and appreciate how wonderful the Feet are in our relationship to the connection To the earth

Okay it’s time to get the shoes off and get out for your first run Barefoot. You’ll see in the conversation that I speak about learning how you need to learn how to feel your feet first before you get running this is an important part of learning your feet….how they operate…and what they’re about.


Just remember it is about consistency is not about how fast you can get things going, not about how quickly you can ditch the shoes. Its a very mindful process learning Bearfoot running, its about learning how to connect with your environment

How To Transition To Bare Foot Running